Sometimes the materials want to tell there own story…

Wire burnt in the Black Saturday Fires
given to me by a farmer
has been sitting in my studio
quietly gathering dust
until recently
when I was looking for something to weave…

Some made is way into the base of a nest


The rest wanted to tell its own story
and all i had to do was hang it on the wall

It soft twist and lines of straggling wire creating a 3d sketch


Today i made this…..


Still working the the notion/form of the nest

a little obssesed with clay

Inspired by last terms teacher challenge –  to make a nest in clay by thinking like a bird

(these are the ones i made in class!)FullSizeRender

I up scale…



Its my first attempt at working with clay outside a class situation…. so the test will be in the firing…

have i made the paper clay right?…
Will the mix of clays i have used work?
Whoops i forgot to run a wire underneath the second one…will i get it off the board

all those great learning questions…