The Journey begins

or maybe a better tittle is  “This Journey Begins”

but this journey is a bit different…somehow.

In a moment of panic about not seeing any work sitting in the near future i started to write applications.

And one was successful…..

and i am now sitting in Rotterdam, after 23 hours in transit, staring out the window at a part of the Maritime Museum, struggling with a touch of jet lag…..

The application was to ARNA in Sweden were for the month of April I will be in residence in the Village of Harlösa.

and as the International Community Arts Conference was on in Rotterdam the week before I was due to start this residency I thought i may as well drop into that……

Both of these are extremely exciting opportunities…… WOW

so at very short notice or planning I find my self here, feeling blessed to have both these opportunities arise and the ability to accept them and get on a plane and fly to the other side of the world……


One of my favourite pieces of street art in Fitzroy….