Exhibitions and Installations

A training  in Physical theater lead me into community arts where I began to make lanterns, puppets and paint flags with community.

then i began to twist and weave things together, then rip, tear and glue……



I am enjoying this new dance.

Threads begin to knot and interlock as I imagine a set, a dance, an environment to be experienced…… 

2019        Colonised                 Campbell Arcade, Melbourne              Group Show

2019        The Family              
Campbell Arcade, Melbourne              Group Show

2019        Neighbouring Practice
Campbell Arcade, Melbourne   Group Show

2017        Arrived                     
Immerse Festival, City of Knox           Installation

2017        Landed                      
Craft Cubed Window Walk, Melbourne              

2016        Nest                           
Rubicon ARI, Melbourne                       Solo Show

2015        Continuum               
Campbell Arcade, Melbourne              Group Show

2015        The Village              
Trocadero Gallery, Footscray               Solo Show

2013        Forest                       
Synergy Gallery, East Brunswick.       Solo Show

2013        Woven Folly           
Yarra Glen Arts Show, Victoria             Installation 

2011     Resting Places Lost and Found                
Synergy Gallery     Duo Show 

2009     Coccon                         
Latrobe Regional  Gallery                      Artistic Director

2007     Nests                            
City of Moreland Sculpture Exhibition, Melbourne 

1998     Framed                       
An exhibition of my photos, Framed by Friends.

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