What you can’t see here is the shear pleasure and relief it was to get to my studio. I have found my routine…. i drink coffee then eat then put on Adelita loudly in my earphones and then work comes and plays and takes me on journeys This ‘White Rose” was after the caffeine had worn off and the iPod was changed to shuffleand i had finished frantically glueing and rubbing images to tin and found a softer more peaceful place. Somehow it reminds me of a wedding, maybe its the white and the rose another thing you can’t see…

an art day

first up a sleep in not long just a few pushes of the sleep button later after some admin A shared practice in the dance studio Lots of clown and delightful play surprising then to the other studio via lunch and a quick visit to a new cafe for a take away coffee At the studio Playing with paper finishing a work excitement about potential To top off a perfect day A New Orleans styled band playing  outside the cemetery music filling the delightful Melbourne summers evening. Old friends met and caught up with…….. A long walk there and back………..

Butoh Class I move to the instructions of my teacher. We connect heaven and earth my center feels strong and engaged I notice the different textures she asks us to move through and i see the parallel between my current practice of tearing and layering paper and this dance And possibilities unfold in front of me and a thread understanding of what I am creating appears Now to remember to weave with it

Mountains and streams

Waterways are the arteries of a mountain; Grass and trees its hair; Mist and haze                       its complexion… Stones are the bones          of heaven and earth… Water is the blood… (Guo Xi cited in  Mountains and Streams 2006)