Warringa Park School Residency

Warringa Park is a dual mode school which caters for all children with an intellectual disability and has a current enrolment of 431 students. (Taken from their website) I am there every Wednesday this term working with 4 classes from the middle years to create 3d sculptures/lanterns of endangered species for their end of year performance “Walk on the Wild Side” The event is during the day so they won’t be internally lit…. It has been a crazy journey….maybe a little ambitious but now they are made and papered and ready to be decorated ….

time to reflect

It’s ‘Community Arts Day’ and I’m sitting in my studio reflecting on the last 3 months, As I dither about, flicking through other web sites I find that on this day Neil Cameron has published a book “The Cultural Development Handbook. An A to Z guide to designing successful arts events in the community “ Neil was the man who introduced me to the world of fire, lanterns and large outdoor community events. I worked with him for 7 years at the Woodford Folk Festival and in a few other places. That time was wild, adventurous massive, exhausting, exhilarating  and…


June has been an exciting month. Into the lIght – The Unfolding Story won a national Local Government award for active arts. This was very exciting, a great acknowledgement for us and the community and for everyone that participated and helped to create this magical event….. needless to say it will happen again this year. Unfortunately i couldn’t join Mahony and Lee in Canberra to collect the award as i was once again wrangling 2300 people for the Lismore Lantern Parade. Which was amazing. The shift to Oaks Oval was massive, and while there were a few teething problems, the…

INTO THE LIGHT-The Unfolding Story

was held on the 1st of September at the Whittlesea Showgrounds in Whittlesea,  Victoria. In follow up to last years event…. INTO THE LIGHT-The Unfolding Story was made up of a   lantern parade with 12 primary schools from the Whittlesea, Kinglake, Flowerdale and Nillimbick Communities, a spiral, video projections that filled the side of the cattleshed, a 30 meter shadow play and so much more…….. Here is the video of the night……..

Last weekend

was Williamstown Festival, i coordinated a lantern parade and created a choreography with 18 seagull puppet lanterns (and ran a few schools workshops to make some of the 500 pyramid lanterns that were created for the event) Due to events beyond my control (insurance and ignorance mostly) the candles were replaced with torches. My favourite response to this when i was explaining to a school group was ” but isn’t it tradition to light the candle” yes, yes indeed it is tradition, and may it stay that way in times to come. Lead by a pipe band, it was an…