on tour…..

I’m currently on tour with Polyglot Theatre

Building cardboard city’s in
Scottsdale, Arizona
Fayetteville, Arkansas

and next stop

Huston, Texas

The show is We Built This City
an interact work that invites children and adults to build out of cardboard box’s
It’s a delightful work that encourages play
I love it
it’s fun
Its simple



May showing

In January,

when i was looking at my year ahead,
i made a commitment to show some work in May.

Life, and work
as it tends to do
took me in a slightly different direction,

On the day i booked a gallery, i was also offered a tour to the USA with Polyglot Theatre,

needless to say
i took the job
and i leave on Wednesday.

I did install the work into the studio one friday night and had a play with a couple of friends and…..

and made a short video

and here it is

my May showing…….

into the forest

open studio

yesterday was open studio at River studios,
while not overly successful in terms of people coming through
It was a great excuse for me to get back into the studio (its been a while)
sweep away the dust and
rearrange a few things
in preparation for the next wave of creative urge.

This next creative urge is now postponed for 3 weeks due to a Polyglot tour to the US……
i can’t complain when one creative opportunity takes me away from another,
instead i count my blessings and honor my opportunities…..yippeeee an adventure……

Last weekend

was Williamstown Festival,

i coordinated a lantern parade and created a choreography with 18 seagull puppet lanterns (and ran a few schools workshops to make some of the 500 pyramid lanterns that were created for the event)

Due to events beyond my control (insurance and ignorance mostly) the candles were replaced with torches.
My favourite response to this when i was explaining to a school group was ” but isn’t it tradition to light the candle”

yes indeed it is tradition,
and may it stay that way in times to come.

Lead by a pipe band, it was an event very much enjoyed by parents and community members. yay!

The photos below were taken by one of the parents.