May showing

In January,

when i was looking at my year ahead,
i made a commitment to show some work in May.

Life, and work
as it tends to do
took me in a slightly different direction,

On the day i booked a gallery, i was also offered a tour to the USA with Polyglot Theatre,

needless to say
i took the job
and i leave on Wednesday.

I did install the work into the studio one friday night and had a play with a couple of friends and…..

and made a short video

and here it is

my May showing…….

into the forest

Butoh Class

I move

to the instructions
of my teacher.

We connect heaven and earth
my center feels strong and engaged

I notice the different textures she asks us to move through

and i see the parallel between my current practice of tearing and layering paper
and this dance
And possibilities unfold in front of me

and a thread understanding of what I am creating

to remember to