the meditation of doing

Today my head is full of
how to

why to

what to

who to do it with





and this continues
as the energy waxes and wanes


confidence grows and dissipates
with every success and failure


i finally sit
pick up the needle and rope
and start

sewing tight stitches
tighter than usual
neat precise stitches
that turn a rope found
into a nest bound

and to each stitch is attached  one of these thoughts and questions

and i find
some of the whys disappear as i remember why
some of the hows get answered

and  others possibly pruned
although i’m yet to draw the knife across them

but mostly the angst settles
the teeth stop grinding
the mind stops whirling

and sometimes

my mind
simply goes blank
as my hands do the work
and it all becomes peaceful
and i remember why
and some of the hows get answered…………………..


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