Tsunami 1 and 2

Three years ago i went to Minima Sanruki, a small village on the east coast of Japan, with Polyglot Theatre.
This village had stood in the way of a giant wave.

(You can read more about that visit here)

At the time i picked up a piece of black rope,
a remnant of a place, a time, an event.
and bought it back with me.

On reflecting on my experience 
I wove
what i called 



In 5 days i will be returning to Minami Sanruki
again with Polylgot

I was sitting in my studio starring at the piece of rope that was left
wondering what this visit will be, how will things have change, or will they have
and many more questions about the upcoming visit

and in these thoughts i picked up the rope, and some copper wire
and was reminded of the Japanese art of Kinsukuroi (or Kintsugi)




and i start to weave a nest mended with gold
The weave was tighter, stronger than the first,
the roof rebulit
a new life
still echoing with the history, the journey…….


If only rebuilding
a home
a community
a future

was as simple as twisting some found rope and reclaimed copper……..



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  1. ggPuppetLady says:

    Gorgeous post Stef, thankyou! And so lovely to hear the artistic backstory, & then see the photos of the work 🙂
    Have a great trip, & I can’t wait for the follow up story x

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