The Journey begins

or maybe a better tittle is  “This Journey Begins”

but this journey is a bit different…somehow.

In a moment of panic about not seeing any work sitting in the near future i started to write applications.

And one was successful…..

and i am now sitting in Rotterdam, after 23 hours in transit, staring out the window at a part of the Maritime Museum, struggling with a touch of jet lag…..

The application was to ARNA in Sweden were for the month of April I will be in residence in the Village of Harlösa.

and as the International Community Arts Conference was on in Rotterdam the week before I was due to start this residency I thought i may as well drop into that……

Both of these are extremely exciting opportunities…… WOW

so at very short notice or planning I find my self here, feeling blessed to have both these opportunities arise and the ability to accept them and get on a plane and fly to the other side of the world……


One of my favourite pieces of street art in Fitzroy….



  1. Good on you Stefanie. Hope your time there is fruitful, creative and gives you a lift from feeling panicked about work. Anne and Alex

    1. stefrob says:

      Thank you
      The panic has gone
      But without it I wouldn’t have set out on this adventure so I’m glad for that moment!!

      It looks like great work you are doing in India

  2. taffy says:

    a bit of magic in the air! For you!! xxx

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