Ode to a bicycle

Bird Lab is over
I am back in Melbourne
I have been greeted with cold grey sky’s
rain and a flat battery……

So as i snuggle into the Autumn
I take some till to reflect
and thank the bike that
took me across army fields
and over roads
and tops of hills
to dinner parties and back again……


  1. darkdirk says:

    That’s gorgeous

  2. Ulrica Clivemo says:

    My mother, Lena, bought this bike in the late 50’s and she did 1000’s of kilometers with it in Fågelriket.
    Thank You, Stefanie.

    /Ulrica Clivemo

    1. stefrob says:

      How lovely to hear from you and hear a little of the history of this bike.
      I certainly had a great time exploring Harlosa on it.
      Thank you

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