flyer forestForest

An Installation of Nests and Paper

At Synergy Gallery
In the Little Red Train
Ceres Environment Park
April 17-28 2013

What happens if the strands of self are woven around a dream ….and the dream dies?

 Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in your soul….. (Emily Dickenson)

Forest is an exploration into fragility, the strength and beauty in the fragile and the fragility of the human spirit.

 The inside of the little red train at CERES Environment park has been transformed into a forest of layered hanging paper drops and woven nests. A vine has been woven into the roof and a gentle soundscape (by Glen Walton) will immerse you into this textural landscape.

 The nests have been woven from rope found on the various journeys I have taken. Each nest has its own story stemming from the place the rope was found and the shape it wanted to make. For example, ‘Tsunami’ has been woven from a piece of rope I found when in Japan with Polyglot Theatre at Minima Sanruki, and ‘Towts Road’ from wire left after a tyre was burnt in the Black Saturday fires. Not all the nests have such potent stories as these, but they all hold a story of a journey, an experience and a transformation. When hung with the paper drops they create a delicate world layered with stories. The nests are empty, but they resonate with memory and story.

The installation is embed in an old train, itself resonating with memories of journeys taken and filled with stories of passengers past.

Thank you
Glen Walton for the soundscape
Polyglot for the speakers
Richard Vabre for tweaking the lights and lending me stuff

Love the whole thingpunk rocker feels as though you are lost

Felt like a kid again
Love the free flow of the paper and cane
Thank you
Standing in the space and just… listening
beautiful Stef!

A wonderful travelling journey
woven and dense

with memory and transience
I think of the train 
clicketty clack
of my own journey’s and restlessness
and the constructions i have about settling in one place
so much movement woven into each empty nest
Extra ordinary
Thank you


We loved this
 All the nests were like jellyfish in  a kelp forest

          love Minnie and Juniper


Thank you for providing
such a tranguil space
Reminds me of the rope
washed up on the beach

How do the birds fit in the smallest?
the atmosphere creates a complex awareness of subconscious thoughts
nice work
Hypnotic space

space to get lost in

Forest_015it and close your eyes in
or move through randomly
The creaking floor reminded me
of gums creaking in the wind.
wondered if i would find a ness or birds.
Feels of the sky, sea and forest.
Wonderful Surreal environment (installation)
Such clever use of materials
My favourite nests were the lavender.
I could imagine seeing out the winter in one of those


I love it Stef
Like a magical wondrous world
– new vistas reveal themselves.

A feast for the eyes and ears
A peaceful immersive experience

I liked the big swing thing
(Isabel 3yrs)

A magical space – very calming

Wonderful use of natural materials
Like the dead rose picture
I love the way the fabric moves in the breeze.
Nice to just stop and listen

I want to live here…..

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