What you can’t see here is the shear pleasure and relief it was to get to my studio.
I have found my routine….
i drink coffee
then eat
then put on Adelita loudly in my earphones and
work comes and plays and takes me on journeys

This ‘White Rose”
was after the caffeine had worn off
and the iPod was changed to shuffleand i had finished frantically glueing and rubbing images to tin
and found a softer more peaceful place.

Somehow it reminds me of a wedding,
maybe its the white
and the rose

another thing you can’t see is that i surrender to the fine Japanese paper with the gold

and silver fleck, and that it sits ever so just beneath a layer.

It so beautiful and fragile and yet i can tear at it and scrunch it and it doesn’t mind.
It’s almost cliché in its presence
so that  until to-day i have avoided it,
but i think it’s here to stay and more will sneak its way into these collages….
Are these collages….?

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