One of my new years resolutions had been to make and present a work for May 2012.

While my concept had simplified
I still intended to present something.

So i booked a small community gallery.
Dates set, i went home to check emails etc

And sitting there was an invitation to join a tour with an interactive children’s show
to the US.

A moment’s hesitation
is this a test about my commitment to my own art making process ?
or just another wonderful opportunity in the journey of life.

I have said yes
It’s hard to turn down an adventure, esp a paid adventure
The gallery is postponed
indefinitely as I’m not sure were it fits in the rest of my year …..

As a friend pointed out,
I’ll still be doing my art
just not that particular piece of art ……

I’m thankful for the choices i have to make
but curious about their timing!

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