Its been a month (or so)
since Forest was installed iIn the Little Red Train at Ceres Environment Park…..

All in all it was a success.

A friend suggested that the measure of success was… did you like it in the space?


Would you do it again…

below are a few of my favourite images
For more images and comments go to….. FOREST




Standing in the space and just… listening
beautiful Stef!






A wonderful travelling journey
woven and dense
with memory and transience
I think of the train
clicketty clack
of my own journey’s and restlessness
and the constructions i have about settling in one place
so much movement woven into each empty nest
Extra ordinary
Thank you




  1. sammiam says:

    Hmmmm, measuring success for us “sculptors/installationers/artisans” is a funny business isn’t it? $$$ don’t often come our way as they do for painters, illustrators etc. I like your friend’s question “did you like it in the space”… I’ll remember that… Thanks :0)

    1. stefrob says:

      You’re welcome!

      I found it a really helpful and reassuring measure and i like thats its a measure of success based on my felt response to the work rather than the need for an external affirmation…..

      1. sammiam says:

        I hear you! And I totally agree!
        Ps so sorry to have missed your show at Ceres. It looked so lovely here in interpixieland!

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