Please Touch

  During the installation of this work I had been determined to place the clay nests on the wall, as I had originally imagined them. But it just didn’t work.(I really did keep trying to make it work!!) I finally allowed myself to listen to both the work, and my friends, whose advice I had asked for and placed all of the nests on the floor. In the action of doing this, Paul Blackman and I discussed how lovely it was to hold them. The clay nests have a warmth about them. From this we decided to invite the audience…


A review and images from my installation at Rubicon ARI, Queensbury St, Melbourne August 2016   “Very cool to drop in on Stefanie Robinsons installation at Rubicon ARI today……we walk into a white space, walls , floor and ceiling . Hanging from the roof detritus ropes, sun worn ,ocean swept , sometimes unravelled and frayed . At intermittent points the ropes flair out into beautifully woven nests before being drawn back to follow gravity and continue to the floor where some coil , frayed ends tickle the floor, a minute nest, the essence of intimacy and well being , nestles…

nest… upcoming installation

Today is the 1st of August… I have 17 days until … Nest Stories in rope and clay “Today I bring inside the heavy brown rope and start to pull it apart     It is thick with dirt, dust and oil. It holds a story of work.     It is rugged and strong, like an old farmer who has spent his life in the fields…”   These nests have been woven from rope and formed in clay.   Fragile containers for hope:  an invocation for  shelter, security and safety for all.    This work is my response to her experiences as a…

The Village….. part 2

So quickly it happens…. The Village has gone up, and been taken done and now rests in a box in the studio. Except the shipping rope which is still sitting in the back of the car waiting for that extra person to be available to help us lift it out! Thanks to all of those who made it to have a look. I received a lot of positive feedback and have the vision for the next one…. Here are some photos from the opening….

The Village is up and open…..

On Monday I installed The Village at Trocadero Gallery In Footscray. Paul Blackman, an old friend and fabulous artist with a great eye for installation helped. getting the shipping rope up the stairs was a challenge but totally worth it. This exhibition will be open from September 2nd – 19th Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 5pm The opening is on Saturday 5th 4 – 6 pm These are just a few of the photos I snapped after the installation…. there will be more!